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New tech startup refocuses job creation in Lagos

New tech startup refocuses job creation in Lagos

A new tech startup company using technology to address youth unemployment will be soon be launched in Lagos.

The new company founded by Gbenga Sosan and named GFR Solutions, focuses on using technology innovations to create ground-breaking projects to “birth a better Nigeria.”

The company, according to Sosan, is established to combat unemployment and empower the Nigerian youth with the needed skills to forge ahead in the digital world and tackle future challenges.

“Our flagship subsidiary is called GFR Academy”, tells Technology Times.

According to him, GFR Academy “is a high-tech learning environment, equipped with resourceful, tactful facilitators and world class facilities, where future generations of innovators and entrepreneurs are imbibed with the skills and mind-set to stand out of the populace. Some of our available courses are cutting-edge, forward thinking, and landscape altering courses.”

The academy will embrace both the theoretical and practical aspects of some of the most innovative and practical courses available in the ICT/software world.

Some of the courses available will include:  Robotics, 3D Computer Graphics, Cyber security, Integrated Circuit Design, Holography, Web Intelligence, App Development and Basic Elements of Coding.”

A conference to officially launch the company is scheduled for the 27th of November 2014, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Victoria Island at 10am.

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