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Twitter to let users ‘control what they see’

Twitter to let users ‘control what they see’

Twitter says it is rolling out new features that will give users more control over what they see and who they interact with on the social media service.

According to Twitter, the update include changes to the ‘Notifications Settings’. This will give users who do not want to see notifications from everyone the ability to limit notifications to only people they follow on mobile and on twitter.com.

Users who wish to limit their notifications can simply turn on the new feature. But for users who wish to continue with the previous setting, their individual Twitter experience will continue unchanged, Twitter explains, adding that the new update has made users ability to manage their notifications settings easier as they can now access them directly from their notifications tab.

The update has also incorporated another new option to users’ notification settings- quality filter setting. Twitter says following the conclusion of the quality filter setting testing, which the company embarked on last year, it has began rolling out the new feature for every Twitter user.

When turned on, the quality filter can improve the quality of Tweets users see by using a variety of signals, such as account origin and behaviour. Turning on the feature filters lower-quality content, like duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated, from users’ notifications and other parts of users’ Twitter experience.

It does not filter content from people the user follow or accounts the user recently interacted with and depending on their preferences, users can turn it on or off in their notifications settings.

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