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African Startup TV to ‘tell African entrepreneurs’ story’

African Startup TV to ‘tell African entrepreneurs’ story’

African Startup TV, an indigenous WebTV  says its broadcasting space entry will address the need to tell African entrepreneurship story to the world.

The newly-launched WebTV will feature news, interviews, how-to and also showcase interesting articles about African entrepreneurship spirit.

Roberta Edu, Founder/CEO of the new TV service says that “African Startup TV features interesting stories of African Entrepreneurs who are building their businesses despite all odds.”

According to her, “we are very excited to launch African Startup TV which can always be accessed on the Internet anywhere at any time, to basically tell the African story as we also use the platform to inspire many others to start their own business leveraging technologies like the Internet’’

”Their story of starting a business in Africa is a unique one that inspires, educates and empowers. We are providing this medium to help showcase their work and their resilience to the world. This is our way of supporting African entrepreneurship and to help build the Africa of our dreams”, she adds.

In its first week of launch, the Startup TV says interesting episodes of interviews with some African entrepreneurs has already been featured on the WebTV and viewers from across the globe have started watching this African content platform.

According to her, this puts Africa on the right part in providing her own content and narratives that will encourage development across the continent. The platform has also been named one of the media partners for the Mobile West Africa event in Lagos, Nigeria.


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Donatus Anichukwueze Technology Writer at Technology Times Media e-mail: donatus.anichukwueze@technologytimes.ng