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Nigeria | Businesses to keep accounting records with locally developed Bmac software

Nigeria | Businesses to keep accounting records with locally developed Bmac software

Nigerian business owners can now keep track of their business activities on Bmac, a cloud accounting solution developed by Nigeria software company, ikOOba Technologies.

ikOOba is also confident that its Bmac solution platform will not only revolutionise the business landscape in Nigeria, but also enable businesses to ascertain their integrity, financial discipline and general performance.

Mr Sam Afemikhe Jr, Project Director of the tech company told attendees at the launch in Lagos that Bmac is a bouquet of solution offering different services including Accounting, Inventory Management System (IMS) and HR- Payroll solutions.

”We are announcing to you today  that in our new collaborative Business EPR,the  Bmac, we have achieved a major milestone. With the Bmac accounting, Inventory Management System (IMS) and HR- Payroll , entrepreneurs can now understand what their businesses are saying better”, Mr Afemikhe says at the event that gathered media personalities, business associates and stakeholders of ikOOba Technologies.

According to him  Bmac was conceived, designed and built by a dedicated all Nigerian team of accountants, developers,  business analyst,  quality assurance dedicated to developing a proudly Nigerian solution of international capacity.

Mr. Sam S.O. Afemikhe, Chairman/MD, ikooba Technologies, Ms. Amaka Nwaokolo of FATE Foundation, Ms. Caroline Akinlotan, a Real Estate entrepreneur, Mr. Sam A. Afemikhe Jr, Project Director, ikooba Technologies and Mr. Greg Afemikhe, Director, ikooba Technologies during the media launch of Bmac Cloud Accounting Solution in Lagos.

”As a team committed to finding solutions to the everyday problems faced by Nigeria businesses, Bmac  is developed to promote collaboration among major stakeholders of business

Bmac is also aimed at enhancing transparency,integrity, openness trust accuracy in measurement reporting and assurances which are important ingredients for a thriving economy.”

”The software provides business financiers, trade promoters and business owners up-to- date access to the financial data of businesses in an easy-to- understand format”, he adds.

According to him Bmac is collaborative and really easy to use. Its key features include Core accounting, Notebook, Dashnboard, Collaborator tool and Reports, which make Bmac different from other software.

Mr Afemikhe also explain that the  software  allows business owners connect with qualified accountants if they need help in  putting their records in order. All that is required is for the business owner to provide access to the accountant, further solidifying its strength as a value adding collaborative platform.

”The Bmac collaborator tool allows business owners invite either financial influencers, accountants or any other person to the platform to assit in the posting of his transactions to the relevant ledger account and review the performance of the business through different mechanism.”

The Notebook book helps business owners with little or no accounting knowledge to record transactions of their businesses for someone with adequate knowledge to login and posts to relevant account at a later time or date.

Mr Sam Afemikhe, Chairman of ikOOba Technologies  in his goodwill message explained that while spearheading a revolution in the business landscape  in the country, the company is confidant that the solution will equip business owners particularly SMEs to track their performances there by helping them manage their businesses better.

”Drawing on  our experience as accountants we have seen various challenges in the Nigeria business landscape and we have made it our mission to assist businesses become better at keeping their business records and to advise them on how best to grow their business sustainably.

We have a mantra in our organisation that every business is speaking to its owner or owners and accounting is the language needed to understand what the business is saying.In other words accounting is the language of business an as a business owner you must understand the language of your business if you are to survive and grow”, he adds.

According to him ikOOba Technologies also provides value added services to SMEs in the form of capacity building, accounting consulting services, funding gap analysis, and financial literacy, management of business operations, personal productivity, and business development services.

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