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Nigeria offers 10.5GHz frequency spectrum for sale

Nigeria offers 10.5GHz frequency spectrum for sale
The Nigerian government has offered 10.5GHz frequency spectrum for sale to regional operators in five geopolitical zones of the country.
Dr. Eugene Juwah, 
Executive Vice Chairman/CEO of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) announced the fresh rounds of spectrum sale in five zones of the country.
According to the telecoms regulator, available slots have open in the 10.5 GHz band with bandwidth and licensing areas in the South-South, South-East, North-West, North- East and North-Central regions.
The telecoms regulator says that each slot will be licensed on regional basis with 28MHz of available bandwidth on the 10.5GHz frequency spectrum going to South-South, South-East, North-East, North-Central and North-West.
On the other hand, 28MHz on the 10.5GHz frequency spectrum range is also on offer in South-East North-East and North-West zones.
“Interested applicants should download Wireless Local Loop (WLL) application form from the Commission’s website and complete it in triplicate and submit to the Commission on or before 30/8/2015”, Juwah adds warning that “received applications will be processed further after this deadline.”
Apart from this, interested companies should also meet the following mandatory conditions:
  • Roll Out for each of the Regions requested indicating the number of states targeted by year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in each region applied for.
  • Evidence of technical competence to deploy the licenses. Including as the case may be firmed relationship with Technical partners.
  • Evidence of financial capacity to support the Roll Out target.
  • Business plan, technical and financial.
Under the laws, NCC’s spectrum pricing is set to achieve the following objective:
  • Establish a transparent, fair, competitive and non-discriminatory pricing structure that include, but not limited to, auctions, “beauty contest” and other internationally accepted methods of bidding for the acquisition of frequency spectrum;
  • Standardise frequency spectrum fees and pricing system in order to promote uniformity, consistency and efficiency in spectrum management in Nigeria in conformity with international standards;
  • Ensure that the prices reflect the market value and are directly proportional to frequency spectrum size;
  • Promote efficiency and competition in the usage of frequency spectrum;
  • Facilitate access to frequency spectrum by simplifying and harmonising the electronic magnetic wave spectrum pricing process; and
  • To achieve government policy objectives of even development of telecommunications infrastructure across Nigeria and the universal service goals.
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