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Nigeria to revive Mobile Internet Units, NITDA says  

Nigeria to revive Mobile Internet Units, NITDA says   
Mobile Internet Units, which are customized vehicles used for promoting Internet access particularly in rural areas, will be reintroduced by the Nigerian government under a proposed ICT training programme for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the country.
Mr. Peter Jack, Director-General, Information Technology Development Agency, (NITDA), the nation’s IT Policy implementing agency, who hinted this says the nation’s IT implementing agency is exploring the opportunity to train the IDPs.
Under the plan, NITDA hopes to resuscitate its Mobile Internet Unit (MIU) buses and deploy them for the technology training programmes, Jack says.
NITDA would provide computer, VSAT and other equipment needed for the tech training targeting IDPs across the country.
Before it was stopped by the agency a few years ago, NITDA had used the Mobile Internet Unit (MIU), a locally made bus that has been converted into a mobile training and the equivalent of a cyber centre. The interior of the previous MIU had 10 workstations networked and connected to the Internet to provide access to several IT resources.
Nigeria Internet customers
Nigeria Internet customers
It was also equipped with printers, a photocopier and a number of multimedia facilities. Internet access was piped via a VSAT equipment with a 1.2m dish mounted on the roof of the bus. The unit was also equipped with a small generator to ensure regular power supply, according to the NITDA specification of the vehicles at the time.
The NITDA chief disclosed the plan under which the IT agency hopes to work with the Korean when he led the team of management staff to a meeting at the Korea Embassy, the government agency’s website says.
Mr. Jung Sang-hood, KOICA Chief Resident Representative asked NITDA to use ICT to engage people that are internally displaced in the country.
“The Korea government will like you to prioritize your capacity development programmes. We can develop a training concept for the internally Displaced Person, IDP. NITDA will provide the budget while the Korean government will help in vocational training”, he says while advising NITDA to work with other governmental and nongovernmental organizations to carry out research on modalities of the training and the location of the IDPs.
The NITDA DG, who promised to explore the opportunity to train the IDPs says the tech agency would resuscitate its Mobile Internet Unit buses and deploy it for the training.
Jack expressed gratitude for the efforts of the Korea Government in her aged long assistance to the country especially on the area of e-government adding that Korean ICT intervention programmes has deepen the bi-lateral relationship between the two country.
According to him, Nigeria would borrow a leaf from the Korea Government in ICT development because of the enviable track record of the nation has recorded in the sector.
He also recalls that Korea employed ICTs to check the Asian financial crises in the 60s, while promising that Nigeria would use the model to solve the economic challenges faced by the economy because of the fall in crude oil price.
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