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Nigerian online platform to ease hiring drivers

Nigerian online platform to ease hiring drivers

FindADriver247, a Nigerian startup firm in the transport sector, has launched an online platform to make it easier to hire drivers in the country.

Using this new platform, a customer can hire a reliable and professional driver from the platform with just a click of a button,  no sign up fee, no agents, and no hassle, the company says.

The new platform also enables clients to assist the company in determining which driver to retain through the drivers appraisal form which is sent to clients after each trip, says the company.

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In addition to what can be done using the platform, FindADriver247 says clients can request for a change of driver anytime at no extra cost, stating that “it only takes 2 hours or less (during the day) for us to deploy a driver to any client.”

While speaking during the training of the company’s first batch of drivers recently at Limeridge Hotel, Chevron Drive, Lekki, Mr. Jonathan Ikpenu, spokesperson of Delivery Day Nigeria, the owner of the platform says the company is focused more on quality of service delivery and safety.

“As a company, we are not interested in quantity, rather quality. The safety of our clients is at stake, and we won’t take for granted the trust that these individuals and corporate organizations have invested in us,” Ikpenu said.

Speaking on expansion of the business, Ikpenu said the company plans to establish in three major cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, its flagship, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

FindADriver247’s subscription interface on the new platform

According to him, the selection of these three states is predicated on the fact that they are the major cities where there are lots of white collar jobs. And as a result of today’s demanding work environment, it becomes necessary for people to find someone who would relieve them of certain chores such as driving while they focus on other important tasks.

“Our emphasis is focused on creating different subscription plans for people to choose from because we don’t believe in one size fits all. People need drivers for different reasons, and may not necessarily have to put these individuals on a monthly salary when they might only need them for a few days. We believe in helping our customers to save money and yet still get value from the services we are rendering,” Ikpenu says.

He says that the drivers went through a very rigorous process of hiring with 15 applicants dropping out of the recruitment process, which was outsourced to a background verification company.

Some of the drop-outs provided false information about themselves, and their guarantors also provided false information about where they live and work. Some others simply couldn’t make it to the end because they possessed fake drivers’ license, according to the company’s spokesperson.

Apart from FindADriver247 platform, the company says it will be launching its housekeeping platform where people can hire a domestic staff (house-help) at their convenience without having to go to the village to look for someone, or asking colleagues for a referral. Just like drivers on FindADriver247, the company also takes responsibility for the domestic staff.

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