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Nigeria’s CWG pushes online malls to boost e-business

Nigeria’s CWG pushes online malls to boost e-business
Computer Warehouse Group (CWG Plc), a leading Pan-African ICT company from Nigeria, has launched www.openmall.ng, an online marketplace that aggregates products for Nigerian businesses.
The online mall featuring products from different stores on Openshopen.ng for ease of navigation for buyers will also enhance sales of store owners, the Nigerian technology company promoting the service says.
Openmall was launched at a ceremony which was held at the International Trade Fair Complex, Lagos that was attended by individuals from both the corporate and informal sectors.
James Agada, Chief Technology Officer, CWG Plc, explained that the creation of Openmall stems from the passion of the company to empower businesses in the country to reach their desired potentials.
Austin Okere, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CWG
Austin Okere, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CWG
“At CWG Plc, our business is to make it easier for businesses to grow. We have created Openmall as an additional tool for them to succeed by creating a pool where buyers will see their products easily and buy them with ease. This is because exposure is crucial for sales. It is often said that you are wasting your time when you are winking at a girl in the dark”, Agada said at the event.
According to the CWG CTO, “using the Internet, people go to Amazon to buy things that can they can equally get around, sometimes at a better quality or cheaper prices. They are forced to patronise these foreign stores because they cannot access local stores except they visit their physical location. Therefore, local businesses lose sizeable income that could have grown their capacities. But with Openmall and Openshopen, this is about to change.”
Speaking on behalf of the Trade Fair Complex Association, Onumba Arinze Benjamin, Public Relations Officer, expressed delight in the prospects Openmall offers business owners.
According to him, “to the best of my knowledge, Openshopen.ng is a good product that allows business owners have their own online stores at a very affordable cost. At this time that our sales are affected by the emergence of many online platforms, it is good that Openmall is coming to us. Those of us that sell locally-made world class products will find it most beneficial.”
The event featured a brief exposition on Openmall for the traders. It included a live demonstration of how buyers can use the platform as well as how the merchants can upload products on their online stores in simple steps.
“Openshopen allows you sell to a wide customer base from one location. It also allows you receive payment online or receive it on delivery if you choose. And, we have made it easier for you by taking care of the logistics in partnership with reliable logistics company if you want us to,” according to the company.
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