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Nigeria’s mobile phone boom raising cyber security risks, Deloite warns


The mobile telephony revolution in Nigeria is driving up growing risks that underscores the urgent need for individual and business to refocus cyber security, consulting company, Deloite has warned.

Official market information puts the nation’s telecoms market at over 127.9 million active connections at the end of January, this year with majority of them mobile phone users.

According to Funmi Odumuboni, Assistant Manager, Deloitte Nigeria, “the exponential growth of mobile devices has resulted in an equally exponential growth in security risks. With organisations permitting employees to connect their personal mobile devices to corporate networks, there is an alarming increase in theft of confidential data since the information on these personal devices are outside the control of the organisations.”

The Deloitte executive told a technology security forum organised recently in Lagos by Slingshot Technologies to beam searchlight on growing threats cyber risks and what individuals and businesses can do to mitigate them.

Nigeria’s teeming mobile telephony family, has also been a key driver of growing social media usage among Internet users across diverse segments of the populace.

Social media and mobile devices have also become key threat sources that are affecting many individuals and organizations in Nigeria, like other parts of the world where many hackers can “live the lives” of many individuals as a result of the private information they post on different social media platforms, Odumuboni warned.

She says that fake offering are the most prevalent forms of attacks on social media while advising individuals to establish an enterprise view of the mobile devices within their network.

She advised users to encrypt data stored on mobile devices and always turn off bluetooth  of their mobile device when not in use.

She told attendees at the forum that the rate of cyber threat and insecurity has been increasing at an alarming rate and because of this, individual and organisations need to understand the prevalence of cyber crimes and insecurity on networks.

Cyber security standards are security standards which enable organization  to practice safe security techniques to minimize the number of successful cyber security attacks, attendees at the Slingshot forum were told.

According to Morounfola Odebode, an IT consultant, phishing attack via email is the commonest threat source in Nigeria.

He also mentioned that there is a growing prevalence of different threats such as unauthorised computer intrusion, Denial of Service attacks(DOS), Virus, trojans and worm deployment.

Odebode urged users to use the seven underlisted cyber safety measures to mitigate against these menace:

1.Install operating system/software update
2.Run anti-virus software
3.Prevent identity theft
4.Turn on personal firewalls
5.Avoid spyware/trojans
6.Protect passwords.
7.Back up important files

Kolade Akinola Technology Journalist at Technology Times Mobile: + 234 (0) 807 401 6027

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