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Nigeria offers 50 premium domain names in Internet auction

Nigeria offers 50 premium domain names in Internet auction

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA),  manager of the Nigerian Internet real estate space has offered some of its premium domain names to the Internet community in a fresh auction.

The domain name auction will give Nigerians opportunity to get full ownership of 50 highly-sought-after domain names that include the likes of news.ng, travel.ng, hospital.ng, among others.

The List of 50 Domain names for Auction is available at the end of this article.

Reverend Sunday Folayan, Nira President, speaks at the 8th AGM of the Nigerian domain name manager body
Reverend Sunday Folayan,, President Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA)

Market update from NIRA reveals that a total of 6,396 .ng domain names were registered in January 2018 as against 5,764 domain names registered in January 2017 and 5,487 registered in December 2017.

According to NIRA, these 50 most sought after premium domain names has made the list for the auction, after which the top five voted for will be up for the first round of auction.

These rare and premium domain names are associated with the technology industry, giving Nigerian developers, designers, brands, marketers, entrepreneurs, startups and businesses access to some of the most in-demand digital real estate in the world.

WhoGoHost Limited, one of NIRA’s accredited registrars announced to its customers that the move by the dotNG registry, NiRA, to offer the some of its premium domains for auction “means is that you can get a priced premium domain at a much lesser price.”

Toba Obaniyi, CEO of Whogohost Limited
Toba Obaniyi, CEO of Whogohost Limited

A premium domain name is a domain that has been considered by a registry as a domain of great value. Such domains are usually not available at the regular price, hence the name premium.

The dotNG registry currently offers several premium domain names for sale at N1.5 million for the first year, and subsequently renewable at half the price.

How will the auction work? 

The .NG registry is offering to auction 5 premium domains at a asking price of N100,000. The highest bidder will get the domain at the end of the auction.

This means that the domains may eventually sell for much cheaper than N1.5 million.

How do I indicate interest?

To identify the premium domain names to auction, NIRA  has provided a list of the top 50 most requested premium domain names.

All you have to do is select the domain(s) you will like to get on or before 1st of March,2018.Based on interests from all registrars, the .NG registry will release a list of the top 5 most requested domains, which will be offered during the auction.

To get started to choose your domains, please click here.

The List: 50 Domain names for Auction is below this Article

⦁ acceleration.ng
⦁ acknowlegde.ng
⦁ active.ng
⦁ addictive.ng
⦁ amazi.ng
⦁ awesome.ng
⦁ bags.ng
⦁ balance.ng
⦁ beats.ng
⦁ bills.ng
⦁ boxed.ng
⦁ book.ng
⦁ bumperstickers.ng
⦁ buns.ng
⦁ bus.ng
⦁ cakes.ng
⦁ casino.ng
⦁ cinema.ng
⦁ clinic.ng
⦁ cloud.ng
⦁ cooki.ng
⦁ Distribution.ng
⦁ Doctors.ng
⦁ electronics.ng
⦁ events.ng
⦁ Fish.ng
⦁ fuel.ng
⦁ gladiators.ng
⦁ hair.ng
⦁ homeimprovement.ng
⦁ homework.ng
⦁ hospital.ng
⦁ hospitals.ng
⦁ intelligentdesign.ng
⦁ lottery.ng
⦁ love.ng
⦁ malaria.ng
⦁ news.ng
⦁ nothi.ng
⦁ onlinecasino.ng
⦁ opinion.ng
⦁ pendulum.ng
⦁ poker.ng
⦁ pole.ng
⦁ possible.ng
⦁ project.ng
⦁ review.ng
⦁ televisions.ng
⦁ travel.ng
⦁ wrestli.ng

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