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Nomanini, Aurora deal targets cashless Nigeria

Nomanini, Aurora deal targets cashless Nigeria

Nomanini a Cape Town-based technology solutions provider that builds tools to facilitate cash payments in informal markets has partnered with Nigeria-based Aurora VM to launch its services in Nigeria to build financial inclusion and alleviate poverty.

The company is active in South Africa, Kenya and Mozambique and expanding to Nigeria, Guinea and Somalia, with Nomanini saying the Aurora partnership marks its Nigerian market entry.

Nomanini said its core business of facilitating cash transactions in informal markets is well-aligned with Aurora’s goal of alleviating poverty in Nigeria.

Under the partnership, Aurora will use Nomanini’s technology to enable self-employment opportunities to empower women and unemployed youth to reduce poverty in Nigeria.

Vahid Mondajem, CEO of Nomanini said that, “Nigeria represents a key market in Africa. It is the continent’s biggest, and by some estimations, most dynamic market. We are delighted that, together with Aurora VM, our solutions are providing opportunities for women and youth.”

According to Iyabode Uko, CEO of Aurora, “the most commonly-used form of prepayment in Nigeria is scratch cards. We were looking for a better form and researched POS terminals used both in Nigeria and abroad as an alternative. Unfortunately, they generally have a steep learning curve and are difficult to operate. What we wanted was a simple and quick solution that satisfied all our needs and Nomanini offers us this.”



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