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One third of Nigerians will use Internet this year, report on online shopping growth forecasts



By Technology Times Reporter

Lagos. April 8, 2013: A new report has forecast that wireless broadband will spread to one third of Nigeria this year growing deeper across the country by 2015 in a trend underscoring growth potentials for online shopping in the economy.net stats

The recent “Global B2C E-Commerce Market Report 2013” by Hamburg-based secondary market research company yStats.com, reveals that Internet users now account for one-third of the world population and one billion persons are expected to make a purchase online in 2013.

According to the new report, which provides information about the global B2C E-Commerce market, the leading product categories for online purchases are apparel and accessories, books and travel reservations by the growing online shoppers.

Across Middle East and Africa, online shopping is on the increase with growth potentials for Nigeria further bolstered by projections of deepening infrastructure to support wireless broadband spread across the country by 2015.

South Africa is also another destination to watch as the yStats.com report shows that B2C E-Commerce is on the rise in the country with coupon websites and travel being especially popular.

Also, Internet use and confidence in online shopping is increasing in Saudi Arabia while in nearby UAE, online shoppers are increasingly purchasing from regional websites, using credit and debit cards as the most popular payment methods.

Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communication Technology
Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communication Technology

At one point in 2012, a survey showed that more than 20 per cent of Internet users in Egypt also pay bills or shop online. In Morocco, more than half the population used the Internet in 2012, the report says.

Among the key findings disclosed in the report is that the region of Asia is set to overtake North America in terms of total online sales.

North America still has the highest percentage of internet users in the world with the United States accounting for a growing trend is M-Commerce, shopping online through the use of mobile phones and tablet computers.

The product categories most purchased online in the USA are books, movies and music, and apparel and fashion accessories. Canadian B2C E-Commerce has seen strong growth in recent years, fueled by online coupons and discounts. Double-digit growth is expected in the Canadian market over the next years.

In addition to these findings about the global picture, the report provides details about the development of B2C E-Commerce in single countries and regions.

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