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One World service will cut data roaming charges, MTN Nigeria says


MTN Nigeria says that its One World service will allowing its subscribers to enjoy data services across 19 countries at local rates.

Under the plan, MTN prepaid and postpaid subscribers who travel out of Nigeria will now have access to mobile Internet service at standard home rates across the operations of the mobile phone company.

“We are always committed to deliver a new world of digital experience to our customers and the thrust of this initiative is to ensure friendly roaming tariff rates, where our customers who travel to any of our 19 operating countries can still feel at home, browsing at a standard home rate of five kobo per kilobyte,” Larry Annetts, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MTN Nigeria, said.

According to him, “our customers travelling to Ghana, Cameroon, Republic of Benin, South Africa and other MTN operating countries can continue to update their profile messages, share pictures and great moments on social networks, as well as read their emails and browse the internet without any differential in data cost.”

Annetts adds that subscribers do not require any migrating code, subscription fee or airtime deposit to use the service.

“They automatically qualify to use and enjoy the rates while roaming in any of the 19 MTN operating countries. All this required is to ensure that data is turned on while roaming. Subscribers roaming on MTN One World can also conveniently check their account balance and recharge via MTN Nigeria’s available top up options.”

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