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Opera speeds up browsing with four new tools

Opera speeds up browsing with four new tools

Opera says it has four new productivity tools to power up browsing experience and easier for users of the popular mobile browser.

Opera says the tools, which are just a small selection of it extensions for productivity improvement, include:


Opera says this productivity tool will help to solve the problem of picture source omission. For instance, when working on a presentation or thesis, and the user forgets to include the source of the picture. TinEye will correct that with its digital fingerprint technology.

TinEye marks pictures with the digital fingerprint that allows it to compare users’ images to its own database and then gives users’ a list of all websites displaying that exact image with a higher resolutions. All users’ need to do is just to right-click, select “search image on TinEye” and wait for the results, according to Opera.

Page Capture

Opera says this handy productivity app lets users take screenshots in seconds which can be saved either as JPEGs, PNGs or sharable URL links. It is also simple to use and a real time saver.

Evernote Web Clipper

With the Evernote Web Clipper, Opera says users can take screenshots and directly share them with whoever they want, whether it is on social-media channels such as Facebook and Twitter or with colleagues. Users can also save the screenshots as a PDF.

PDF to Image Converter

The PDF to Image Converter is a particularly helpful productivity app for users who wish to save their PDFs as JPEGs. It’s super easy as all the user needs to do is just to upload their files to the extension and convert, Opera says.

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