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Panasonic, Leica Camera expand digital camera partnership

Panasonic, Leica Camera expand digital camera partnership

Panasonic Corporation, a worldwide leader in the development and engineering of electronic technologies, and Leica Camera AG, a manufacturer of cameras and sport optics products have announced the extension of their partnership agreement to expand and strengthen their technological cooperation in the digital camera field.

According to a statement by Panasonic, the agreement includes the extension of license agreement for use of Leica’s trademark on Panasonic’s digital camera products as well as expansion and strengthening of technological cooperation between the two companies.

This latest agreement will see Panasonic, commercialising digital camera products with Leica lenses over the next five years, from October 2014 to September 2019 while Leica will be able through the expansion and strengthening of technological cooperation to utilise Panasonic’s digital technology in its own product development. The agreement will allow both companies to boost product competitiveness by combining Leica’s optical technology and Panasonic’s digital technology.

The technological cooperation newly agreed upon in this agreement will reinforce the partnership between the two companies, enabling them to accelerate the development of excellent digital camera products with enhanced appeal to the global camera market.

Yoshiyuki Miyabe, President of AVC Networks Company, an internal company of Panasonic, stated that “it is a great honor to be able to strengthen our bonds with Leica as a strategic partner. Panasonic will continue to incorporate Leica’s century-worth of optical technologies and camera traditions into the DNA of Panasonic’s digital cameras to further expand our business.”

Alfred Schopf, Chief Executive Officer of Leica Camera, says “the signing of this agreement is significant for Leica as we seek further growth in the digital imaging sector. Strengthening our cooperative relationship with Panasonic is essential to Leica’s continued growth.”

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