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Phase3 Telecom to deepen broadband in West Africa, CEO says

Phase3 Telecom to deepen broadband in West Africa, CEO says

Phase3 Telecom of Nigeria, a fibre optic infrastructure and telecoms has said it will continue to deepen broadband services across West Africa.

“Speedy broadband penetration is a major focus to what we do and we will continue to ensure that West Africa  enjoys quality of service and exceptional customer experience as we continue on this journey”, Stanley Jegede, CEO of Phase3 said after receiving a global recognition for what was adjudged as its remarkable work in delivery of broadband services in the sub-region.

Capital Finance International (CfI.co), organisers of the award said the Nigerian company was recognised for “Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Broadband Services in West Africa.”

According to Jegede, “we are incredibly honored by the outpouring of recognition and support from the region and international community for our modest efforts to ensure the sustainable development of Africa through the provision of the most reliable IP and telecommunications services.”

The CFI.co judging panel said that, “Phase3 Telecom’s efforts represent a highly significant contribution to the Connect Africa initiatives of the International Telecommunications Union” that Phase3 as a well managed and praiseworthy Nigerian company should be applauded and emulated in the way it is connecting its aerial fibre optic network to other countries of the region in a very efficient manner.”

They said the company is helping create the appropriate infrastructure to improve and develop broadband services along the necessary lines and they commend Phase3 in bringing broadband services to remote areas of the country.

Phase3 displays an “incredible level of dedication to the task in hand, superb innovation from talented and well-motivated team and an eagerness to deliver to all West Africans the tools they need for further and sustainable economic progress”; the CFI.co judging panel said.

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