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Phone consumers eagerly await Blackberry Q10, retailers say



By Ibrahim Olukotun

Lagos. April 8, 2013: Phone consumers eagerly await the launch of the Blackberry Q10 later this month, players in the retail ecosystem have told Technology Times.

A pre-market launch of the new Blackberry smartphone checks conducted in selected phone markets in Lagos including the popular Ikeja Computer Village has revealed that anticipation is high among consumers.

blackberry-q10 q10Blackberry Q10 is the latest smartphone from the Canadian phone maker, Blackberry.

Moses Rex, was one of the phone dealers told Technology Times that that most smartphone users that are not conversant with using phones without keypad will find solace in the new product.

Alvin Ofoukwu, Sales Manager at Slot Limited is confident that Blackberry Q10 will enjoy huge patronage based on the pulse of the phone consumers he has felt in the last couple of months.

BlackBerry Q10 is a 4G network LTE phone that is due for release later this month. It weighs 139g with a keyboard and super AMOLED capacitive touch screen. It has a 16 Giga Bytes internal storage capacity with 2 GB RAM. The phone camera has image stabilization and face detection mechanisms, among other features. 

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