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Samsung curved monitor crosses one million sales mark

Samsung curved monitor crosses one million sales mark

Samsung Electronics says it has sold more than one million units of its curved monitor products worldwide.

The first curved LED monitor – the 27-inch 4000R (curvature radius of 4,000 mm) SD590C model, was introduced by Samsung in September 2014, and the company says it has since expanded its line-up to include several additional curved monitors.

Samsung’s curved monitor design refinement as stated by Samsung includes the introduction of a sharper curve with each new model while maintaining a consistently sleek and stylish presentation.

According to the technology company, in January 2015, it released its second curved monitor, the 34-inch SE790C, which feature 3000R curvature. The company’s latest curved offerings – the CF591 (27-inch model) and CF390 (23.5- and 27-inch models) – further expand visual possibilities with an industry leading 1800R composition.

Samsung says its curved monitors which were designed to match the natural shape of the human eye, feature uniform center-to-edge viewing distances to create a more comfortable and immersive viewing experience conducive to long-term use.

Samsung Cf390 Curved Mornitor
Samsung Cf390 Curved Mornitor

These curved displays which are combined with extra-wide viewing angles and enhanced contrast ratios, are ideal for gamers and at-home entertainment users seeking realistic, distraction-free picture quality, Samsung says.

The technology company says it has capitalized on growing demand from these audiences (many of whom employ several monitors during game play or content viewing).

Seog-gi Kim, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business and Samsung Electronics says that, “since the launch of our first curved monitor in 2014, we’ve seen this technology evolve to become an industry standard that gaming and entertainment viewers expect .”

According to the Samsung executive, “as curved monitors continue to grow in popularity, we welcome the challenge of further advancing our displays’ design and capabilities to drive new levels of viewer engagement and comfort. We are happy to have reached one million sales for our curved monitors so far, and we look forward to delivering new curved technology innovation in the coming years.”

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