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How to ‘secure your phone line’ with MTN Security Number

How to ‘secure your phone line’ with MTN Security Number
Due to increasing fraudulent activities involving mobile phone numbers, MTN Nigeria introduced a security number feature to provide its subscribers added level of protection with the MTN Security Number.
Mike Ikpoki, CEO of MTN Nigeria
Mike Ikpoki, CEO of MTN Nigeria
The MTN Security Number is a 16-digit number that is unique to your phone number that is made up of a 12-digit customer identification number and a 4-digit security key.
This unique number will secure your mobile account and prevent third parties from making transactions on your account. It will also enable you access the MTN self service channels through an advanced system that requires the provision of an MTN Security Number before any service transactions can be processed on the MTN Nigeria network.
The MTN Security Number protects a customer’s phone line from fraudulent activities, gives access to the mobile phone network’s self service channels and simplifies the process around sensitive services such as SIM swap.
To set up the MTN security number, you will take the underlisted steps:
-Register your MTN line at an MTN office and ask for your security number and it will be sent you via SMS.
– Alternatively, you can call 180 to talk to one of the customer care agents and request for your security code and USER ID. You should get a text message shortly containing your security number and ID
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