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‘Single window’ payment gateway opens to boost African trade   

‘Single window’ payment gateway opens to boost African trade   

A single window platform to boost African trade and ease payments has gone live in Kenya, according to the consortium backing the payment gateway.

Cellulant, Ecobank and GAINDE 2000 say they signed a partnership with KenTrade to provide the payment gateway on the TradeNet system for importers and exporters.

The online platform serves as a single entry point for parties involved in international trade and transport logistics, and the consortium says it offers both private and government entities to drive digital payments adoption in all sectors.

Akshay Grover, Cellulant’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, on the left, and Amos Wangora, KenTrade Chief Executive Officer, during the announcement of the payment gateway partnership.

Payment Gateway ‘Supports Real-Times Payments’

“We recognise that trade is a critical element for economic growth for any country. Africa has tremendous resources, and facilitating easy movement of import and export goods will increase intra-Africa trade and give the continent a share of the world trade. This partnership is one step towards this growth, and we are happy to unveil our digital payments platform as more customers look to pay seamlessly for their goods and services”, Akshay Grover, Cellulant’s Acting Chief Executive Officer says while speaking at the signing ceremony held at Cellulant offices in Nairobi.

Amos Wangora, KenTrade Chief Executive Officer, says the “Payment Gateway will allow for our Partner Government Agencies to monitor and validate the payments in real-time, which speaks to our mantra on the ease of doing business.”

According to Mortalla Diop, Gainde 2000 Senior Executive Director Business Development and International Affairs, “KenTrade and GAINDE 2000 embarked on a strong collaboration since 2012 with the launch of the single window implementation in Kenya. This has followed the long presence of GAINDE 2000 in Kenya supporting Kenya Revenue Customs Management System and Revenue Collection systems (SIMBA and CCRS).”

KenTrade has approximately 130 Partner Government Agencies that will now be able to pay digitally. Through Tingg, Cellulant’s Digital Payments Platform, customers will access additional payment options such as mobile money, mobile banking and merchant cards.

Cheick Travaly, Ecobank Kenya Managing Director & Regional Executive Central, Eastern and Southern Africa, notes that “trade is a key component of our business across our 33 operational countries in Africa. Through our vast geographical footprint and supported by our robust and innovative digital solutions, we aim to partner with like-minded players to provide solutions that facilitate trade by boosting revenue generation and embracing digitisation to enable real-time revenue collection and convenience to all customers.”

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