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Fashion revolution: 7 benefits from owning Smart watches

Fashion  revolution: 7 benefits from owning Smart watches

In recent times, Smart watches  have revolutionised the Fashion world because of features that enable users to receive and make calls. The watches come handier and trendier than smart phones which, at times, could be  bulky and difficult to use on some occasions and in some circumstances.

By definition, a Smart watch is either a wearable computing device or a computerized wristwatch with enhanced functionality.

Many Smart watch users prefer this new technology which is discreet, easy to use and fashionable.

A smart watch, which is a small computer on your wrist, is  capable of performing some amazing functions beyond the basic time-checking.

For instance, an average Smart watch can perform basic tasks such as calculations, language translations and also run some mobile apps.

A mobile user putting on a samsung smart watch
A mobile user putting on a Samsung Smart watch

Tech companies such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Swatch, among many others, are taking turns to add innovations to various models of Smart watches with each model offering something new and unexpected to the consumer.

Thus, in practice, a Smart watch can actually render you some of the services your Smartphone renders you; but in most cases, it is certainly not there to replace your phone.

Here are some of the benefits you enjoy from your Smart watch:


Making and receiving phone calls

Making and receiving phone calls is one of the basic functions of a Smart phone and of course, some Smart watches equally carry out this function. More so, it is more convenient to use your Smart watch which is fixed on your wrist than pulling your phone out all the time to make and receive calls.

However, with the Apple Watch for example, the device alone cannot place phone calls. Instead, it needs to connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone in order to access its calling features. Most other Smart watches also operate in similar fashion.


Measuring heart rate

Some Smart watches are fully designed with new technological capabilities that enable fitness-minded persons to stay on top of their heart rate. So, users can keep track of their heart rate while working out.

Moto 360 Smartwatch
Moto 360 Smartwatch


Checking/tracking fitness activities

Just as measuring the heart rate, the fitness measurements of Smart watches are perhaps the biggest surprise offers by some tech companies. Apple with Apple Watch, Sony’s Smart Watch, Motorolla’s Moto 360 and some other Smart watches have several similar functionalities.

They help wearers to keep track of their fitness activities in many ways, one of which is by acting as a reminder when the time a user schedules for a fitness exercise is set.


GPS tracking

Some of the modern Smart watches are GPS-enabled which means users can easily get location information online via the Smart watch they wear. The Smart watch, through the GPS, will automatically update any change in the user’s location.


Sending and receiving text messages

Some Smart watch models allow their wearers to send and receive text messages. But in some cases, this might come with the challenge of creating pre-defined responses and voice-to-text translations.


Ability to upgrade and customize

Not all Smart watches offer ways to add tons of new features alone. Most must pair with Smartphone apps and have user/developer communities that improve functionality on a regular basis. Browsing through the developer community will show you everything from live weather updates to playable versions of Space Invaders. Most apps, however, still need some work before you can install them on your watch.


Ability to receive notifications/alerts

You can stay up-to-date on the news and weather, as well as keep track of your family and friends as they update their social media accounts via your Smart watch, without having to spend hours of your time on your Smartphone. Smart watches sit on your wrist and tell you what’s up. You can peek to see if you just received an important message or choose to ignore it.



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