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Surveillance cameras can tackle Nigeria’s security challenges, CWG says


Computer Warehouse Group Plc (CWG), a Pan-African ICT company has said that Nigeria’s festering security challenges can be addressed by implementing surveillance technologies as first line of deterrent to discourage criminal activities across the country.

The Nigeria company founded by Austin Okere, a technology entrepreneur recently collaborated with Huawei, one of the leading ICT infrastructure manufacturers to organise a breakfast session on Internet protocol (IP) surveillance as one of the strategies that can be leveraged to provide lasting solution to the security challenges of Nigeria.

The event themed, “Detect and Curb Physical Security Threat in Your Environment”, provided an opportunity for security experts, IT professionals and other stakeholders to examine the security prospects of IP surveillance Technology.

“Smart Technology, Enhance Security”, a presentation by Joseph Olayemi, Enterprise Solution Manager, Huawei, outlined the features of the Intelligence Video Surveillance (IVS) surveillance solution. According to him, IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of the popular Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV).

According to the Huawei executive, the world is shifting from the use of CCTV systems to the IP surveillance because of its enhanced efficiency. IP system allows for remote viewing and control, sharing images and footages with security officials and ease of communication through the Internet for security alerts, improved search capability, greater ease of use, better quality images and the possibilities of recording, playing-back and storing video clips for future usages.

According to Olayemi, the benefit of of IP surveillance solution can be gleaned from its ability to reduce the rate of vandalism and cut down construction and maintenance costs of personal and corporate assets.

He highlighted the benefits of IP surveillance to include, low bandwidth consumption, the possibility of accessing its data from anywhere, larger storage capacity, better video resolutions, wider perimeter coverage, capturing of fast moving objects and intelligent analysis capacity.

The Surveillance solution can send notices when it observes strange movements within its perimeter and that it can identify different people.

According to Olayemi “corporate organizations would find the usefulness of the Solution to generate loiter alarm when a staff member has been noted to be walking about listlessly and this may be done through SMS, mails pop-up messages or sound.”

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