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e-Commerce: Online retail sales ‘set for rapid growth’

he online retail sales in Africa are prepared for rapid expansion in the next five years, according to a new report on the regional e-commerce marketplace. The latest report, Africa B2C E-Commerce Market 2018, cites sources indicating that online retail sales in the continent are prepared for rapid expansion in the next five years. The […]

Nigeria ranked ‘rising star’ of African e-commerce sector

Nigeria’s CWG pushes online malls to boost e-business

Computer Warehouse Group (CWG Plc), a leading Pan-African ICT company from Nigeria, has launched www.openmall.ng, an online marketplace that aggregates products for Nigerian businesses. The online mall featuring products from different stores on Openshopen.ng for ease of navigation for buyers will also enhance sales of store owners, the Nigerian technology company promoting the service says. Openmall was launched […]

Konga’s SME summit holds Saturday

Nigeria ranked ‘rising star’ of African e-commerce sector

Nigeria has been ranked the rising star of Africa’s fast-growing e-commerce sector with the economy topping all other African nations by number of Internet users and mobile phone owners. The African business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce sector is expected to rise as a result of increased Internet penetration, improved infrastructure and especially the increase in […]

Nigeria is ‘rising star’ of Africa’s e-Commerce revolution

GOOLOO power bank maker touts record charge time

GOOLOO, a Chinese maker of batteries, says it has launched GOOLOO Quank claimed to be the fastest-charging battery pack. According to the manufacturers, GOOLOO Quank is the fastest charging battery pack and can be charged at 140 watts, and within just three minutes of charging, will have enough power for a full iPhone 6 charge, […]

New BlackBerry Leap targets ‘young mobile professionals’