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Work easier on the go with Blackberry Q10

BlackBerry Q10 is the device marker’s first hardware keyboard equipped smartphone that runs the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. For today’s mobile professionals, one of the key attractions of the BlackBerry 10 is the Hub that serves as a universal inbox that collates messages from email, BBM, social networks, chat, incoming calls, texts and more. […]

Kaspersky Lab detects travel-related fraudulent messages in June

Phone consumers eagerly await Blackberry Q10, retailers say

  By Ibrahim Olukotun Lagos. April 8, 2013: Phone consumers eagerly await the launch of the Blackberry Q10 later this month, players in the retail ecosystem have told Technology Times. A pre-market launch of the new Blackberry smartphone checks conducted in selected phone markets in Lagos including the popular Ikeja Computer Village has revealed that […]

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