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Rechargespot launches portal to offer cheap and quality education in Nigeria

  By Technology Times Staff Reporter Lagos. February 16, 2013: Mobile Rechargespot Limited has launched a learning and web education portal called qCefa, meaning: Quality and Cheap Education For All, to provide an academic connection centre where students, teachers, educationists, and professionals can share knowledge and get educated without the limitation of distance or cost. […]

MTN cleared of alleged unfair dealings in Iran

Nigeria.com Founder, Atobatele: My Technology Predictions for 2013

    Founder of Nigeria.com, Ade Atobatele, looks into the tech crystal ball for 2013     Innovation In Nigeria Incubation/Innovation hubs go mainstream in Nigeria, but the majority don’t produce commercial hits, proving that neither innovation nor the incubation of innovation is easy. Federal and State Governments attempt to spur innovation through Open Data initiatives. […]

Only 4.5% of Nigerians own PC, government survey reveals

mFino charts pathway to seamless operation of Mobile Money in Nigeria

  Technology Times Reporter Lagos: February 9, 2013: mFino, the leading mobile financial services platform company, says it is paving the way for interoperability for Mobile Money in Nigeria and Africa by unlocking the true potential of mobile money through interoperability across various mobile money and bank deployments.  Mobile Financial Services (MFS) platform has become […]

CBN supports AITEC Banking & Mobile Money West Africa 2013