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Fintech | SA start-up targets Nigeria for Blockchain-based Money Transfer

Nigeria has been selected among African countries targeted by South African Fintech start-up, Vio Digital, using blockchain for transfer money. The South African Fintech start-up, Vio Digital, says it is using blockchain to make it easier for people to transfer money from person to person anywhere in the world, introducing a new method of international […]

Quick Teller Mini App lets Nigerians transfer money via BBM

‘Android smartphones are most attacked by hackers’

[blockquote right=”pull-right” cite=”Alcatel-Lucent’s Kindsight Security Labs 2014 half-year report”]The report also shows that mobile network infections frequently took the form of trojanized applications which look fine on the surface but contain hidden malware that when downloaded by Android owners from third party app stores, Google Play Store or by phishing scams can steal personal information […]

‘Over 60% of dating mobile apps open users to hackers’