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At Nigeria launch, Uber promises ‘to decongest Lagos traffic’

The launch of Uber in Nigeria will help to decongest vehicular traffic in Lagos, the nation’s economic capital, the company that promotes the innovative taxi booking service has promised. Technology company Uber connects riders with drivers through a smartphone app is driving a push for fewer cars on the road using technology while increasing efficiency. […]

FinTech companies pose no threat to banks, Ovia says

Report: Sponsored data gains traction among Nigerian telcos

Sponsored data, the business model where third parties companies buy mobile data from mobile phone networks for use by their consumers or employees, is on the upswing in Nigeria, a new report has shown. Sponsored data provides a useful business model for bringing mobile data to new users in emerging markets and to new device […]

Nigeria’s Bassey wins ITU Telecom World 2015 Young Innovators Competition

Is AutoGenius the game changer for Nigerian insurance industry?

The Nigerian insurance market is a big one with a potential estimation of N300 billion annually. But should only 10 per cent of Nigeria’s 170 million population take at least one form of retail insurance product offered in the market as market analysts have said. Yet, currently, the sector generates an abysmal N50 billion in […]

Insider: President Buhari believes NITEL’s assets were ‘thrown away’