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NSA’s probe uncovers ‘big telco’ in call masking fraud

One of the four big mobile phone companies in Nigeria has come under security scrutiny following an investigation by Office of the National Security Adviser into call masking fraud in the telecoms industry. Technology Times learnt that the affected operator (identity withheld) was discovered to have illegally brought in international telephony calls and passed them […]

Visafone sale to MTN faces regulatory hurdle

UK group, others fail security clearance for Nigeria VAT project

Technology Times has learnt that The Risk Management Group of UK and four other companies have been refused security clearance to manage an automated Value Added Tax (VAT) collection project for Nigerian telecoms industry. The affected companies that were being considered to manage a major automated VAT collection programme for telcos in Nigeria were refused […]

Udotai advocates ‘single law enforcement’ for cybercrimes in Nigeria

Udotai advocates ‘single law enforcement’ for cybercrimes in Nigeria

Mr Basil Udotai, Managing Partner of Technology Advisor has told attendees at Technology Times Outlook in Lagos that Nigeria should establish a single law enforcement agency to effectively combat cybercrime. Udotai, who delivered the thought leadership keynote presentation Friday at Technology Times Outlook Review of the Nigeria Cybercrimes Act 2015, agrees that the new legislation […]

Analysis: Nigeria Cybercrimes Act 2015: What are the issues?