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HTC Connect links mobile to home appliances

Phone maker, HTC is pushing a smart idea for mobile users to bring the benefit of their HTC smartphone to their living rooms by linking multimedia content directly to their home entertainment appliances through HTC Connect. The HTC Connect feature being pushed by the phone maker as offering “effortless connectivity” that enable the HTC user […]

Global smartwatch market to reach $29.6b by 2020 amid Chinese trend

Internet Explorer starts blocking out-of-date ActiveX app

Internet Explorer has started blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls from from August 12, according to Microsoft. ActiveX controls are small apps that let websites provide content, like videos and games, and let users interact with content like toolbars. ActiveX controls are not automatically updated; they can become outdated as new versions are released. It is very […]

Apple: New OS X El Capitan is ‘free update for Mac users’

Lagosians to get live traffic videos via their mobile phones

Lagos residents may be in for a better way of planning their journey following plans by a Lagos-based technology company to unveil a new service that delivers live video feeds of traffic situation across the nation’s commercial capital on mobile phones. Tsaboin, a Lagos-based technology company and provider of Tsaboin Traffic Talk, a service that […]

Chinese maker taps Nigeria’s mobile stakes with WinPad 10