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Tech firm crowdfunding first Cloud-Connected keyboard

Tech firm crowdfunding first Cloud-Connected keyboard

Das Keyboard has unveiled the newest addition to its family of keyboards with the introduction of the Das Keyboard 5Q on funding platform for creative projects, Kickstarter.

Built with groundbreaking software and electronics, the Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-enabled, open API, RGB mechanical keyboard that enables users to stream information from the Internet directly to their keyboard and colour code keys to represent specific information.

With the Das Keyboard 5Q, the tech company says it has again taken the computer keyboard to the next level, this time by transforming a traditional input-only device into an output device that functions as a dashboard keyboard to help boost productivity.


Das Keyboard 5Q picture
Das Keyboard 5Q, cloud-connected keyboard

According to its maker, Das Keyboard 5Q is a full size high-performance, high-quality mechanical RGB keyboard that is connected to the Internet and along with the Das Keyboard Q application, its users are more productive by streaming information directly to their keyboard.

Users can set the keys on the number row to display customer satisfaction from 1 to 10 as a bar graph and they can also program any key on the Das Keyboard 5Q to glow the colour they want based on the information they define.

The Das Keyboard 5Q can also stream ambient information which users can see with their peripheral vision when looking at their monitor without having to look at the desk. They  can also close all those CPU-wasting browser tabs and actually do some work while information streams out of their Das Keyboard 5Q deep into their enlightened consciousness, the device maker says.

Das Keyboard 5Q
Another design of Das Keyboard 5Q


Das Keyboard 5Q Technical Specifications:


-Das Keyboard mechanical switches withstanding 100M actuation.

-Centered SMT RGB Leds

-Q dual purpose button with volume

-3 light pipes: 2 on the sides, and 1 around the Q button

-Tactile bump on F, J, and numeric keypad 5 keys.

-Extra-long 6.5 ft (201 cm) braided USB cable with single USB type-A connector

-Full-time NKRO over USB for fast typists and gamers

-Steel mounting plate

-Top and bottom ABS enclosure

-Detachable palm-rest with magnetic locking system

-Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux

side view of the Das Keyboard 5Q
side view of the Das Keyboard 5Q


-Firmware that can be upgraded by the user over the internet with the Q app

-Native support for Dvorak and Colemak and key remapping (E.g. CapsLock becomes CRTL)

-Desktop REST Api

-Q desktop application

-Q cloud software

-Q software compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux

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