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Tech Poem: Oh wisdom of man

Tech Poem: Oh wisdom of man
gotten from lazytechguys.com showing how technology is
Image showing how technology is simplifying man’s work: Photo Credit: lazytechguys.com

Oh wisdom of man, you carry a name of pride

Taking yourself around the world, you come without a bride

Oh wisdom of man, you come from long ago

Adding no logy to tech, is a complication


Oh wisdom of man, if tech has no logy

Then how do you confuse nature?

You make life very simple, you cancel the nights

You turn every night to become day


I loud your wonders, oh wisdom of man

You have gone so far, to make man one village

You make man trust you, in fact to even love you

Because of your wonders, tech no logy


Are you wiser than man, oh wisdom of man?

You make man need you, and always want to use you

Though you are but foolishness to God

Man craves for you, oh technology by man

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