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Technology Times, FinTech, govTech to establish Africa’s first IT news network


Technology Times, Nigeria’s leading technology publications, has teamed up with financialtechnology and govTechnology publications to establish the first Africa’s IT news network called Open Media Alliance (OMA).

Open Media Alliance (OMA) is the first truly online news coalition to offer consumers the widest reach and multi-channel brand exposures for the technology industry in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

OMAA was created to to offer its customers widest reach and multi-channel brand exposures, the founders said noting that with its combined offerings, OMA has the highest number of readers, news uploads, analysis, feature stories, insights, photo news and interviews.

Established in 2014, OMA is the first truly online news coalition to offer consumers widest reach and multi-channel advertising exposures.

Shina Badaru, Founder of Technology Times and OMA’s spokesperson, explained that several benefits are accruable to corporate organisations and institutions that associate and work with OMA.

According to him, “the partnership represents a major step change for the Nigerian technology sector because of the shared vision to promote news and information that foster innovation, growth and development in the Nigerian economy.”

He explained that the partnership fosters “our common mission to refocus the pivotal role that the Nigerian technology industry continues to play as a key driver of growth in Nigeria, Africa and beyond”, adding that the IT news network provides unrivalled news mileage for consumers and the reading public.

According to Badaru, “this is assured with three founding member news portals that are the leading independent newswire and, information sources for local, regional and global ICT community. OMA offers more mileage, more value and more exposures in terms of news and advertising reach. These three news portals have come together to provide premium value to advertisers and the reading public.”

He further disclosed that OMA provides the advertising community and corporate organizations huge discounts for their targeted media campaign, adding that organisations that choose to work with OMA as media partners, in terms of perception moulding, press release syndications, news analysis, and issues instigations as well as web advertisement campaigns would automatically obtain huge discounts. “What we offer from the onset is premium Public Relations Return on Investment (PR ROI) and advertising budgets,” he assured.

Besides, Badaru said OMA’s IT news network would through its specially designed Single Point of Contact (SPOC) offer a range of advertising, lead generation, content services and promotional opportunities to support marketing campaigns, brand-building efforts, delegates attendance to events and reach new prospects.

Some services under SPOC include advertising and branding, e-newsletter sponsorship, corporate profiling, reports and online surveys, newsfeeds and analysis, content syndication and event marketing.

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