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Telecoms: Govt launches search for 23 ‘missing’ licensees

Telecoms: Govt launches search for 23 ‘missing’ licensees

The Federal Regulator has launched a search for 23 telecoms licensees over claims that their office addresses could not be located.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced this claiming that its audit checks could not locate the office addresses of the affected companies in Lagos and other urban centres in the country.

NCC says that, “following an Audit Check, the Commission was unable to locate the addresses” of 23 companies holding licencess for VAS (value added services) Content, ISP (Internet Service Provider) and other services.

Professor Umar Danbata, Executive Vice Chairman at NCC.
Technology Times file photo shows Nigeria’s Telecoms regulatory chief, Professor Umar Danbata, Executive Vice Chairman at NCC, to the right of photo.

The regulator now wants the affected companies to come forward “to regularize their addresses and contact details.”

According to an NCC announcement, the affected companies across locations in Nigeria include the underlisted:

Not Located in Lagos

  • Sliide Media Limited – VAS Content
  • ACC Broadcast Multimedia Limited – VAS Content
  • Larry Scholes Industries & Investments Ltd – VAS Content
  • High Fliers Media Ltd – VAS Content
  • Tetragammaton International Limited – VAS Content
  • Mega Mobile Media Limited – VAS Content
  • Orchard Innovative Networks Limited – VAS Content
  • African Advantage Limited – VAS Content
  • Spectra Broadband Solutions Limited – ISP
  • GreenBee Mobile Limited – VAS Content
  • Native Crowd Limited – VAS Content
  • 101 Communication Limited – VAS Content
  • Posh Digital Nigeria Limited – VAS Content
  • Mobivas Technology Nigeria Ltd – VAS Content
  • Flexmotion Network Ltd – ISP

Not Located in Abuja

  • Phoenix Chrome – VAS Content
  • Okoye Media Limited – VAS Content
  • Afro Interactive and Media Concept Limited – VAS Content
  • ZTEICT Nigeria Limited – VAS Content
  • Skyway Technology & Services Limited (Licence Transfer From Content Oasis) – PNL

Not Located in Ibadan

  • Mackym Consults Limited – S&I(Major)
  • Metrobit Technologies Limited – VAS Content

Not Located in Kano

  • Supreme Systems Consultant Limited(SSCL) – ISP

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