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How to transfer airtime on mobile networks in Nigeria

How to transfer airtime on mobile networks in Nigeria

Airtime transfer is another means that mobile network subscribers use to top up their mobile phones with airtime.

It involves a subscriber recharging their phone with airtime  and then transmitting same to another subscriber of the same network who might be in need of it.

All the major service providers in Nigeria have introduced this service on their network to make it easier for subscribers to seamlessly share airtime among themselves.

The four major networks in Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Airtel Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria, all operate different airtime transfer options At MTN, it is called Share ‘n’ Sell; Glo and Airtel call theirs ME2U while Etisalat calls its own Easy Airtime Transfer.


MTN AfrinollyShare ‘n’ Sell is the credit transfer service provided by MTN. It allows subscribers to send airtime from their MTN prepaid account to another subscriber’s MTN prepaid account using SMS or USSD.

To set up MTN Share ‘n’ Sell which is protected by a default PIN of 0000, subscribers will have to change the PIN to prevent another party from using it.

The PIN can be changed by sending an SMS to 777. The format of the SMS is: Default PIN (space) new PIN (space) new PIN and send to 777. For instance you want to change your PIN to 3232, you just text 0000 3232 and send to 777.

USSD can also be used to change PIN by dialing *600* default PIN*new PIN* new PIN# and send. This is the example, *600*0000*3232*3232* and press Send or OK. A message will appear on your phone when your default PIN is changed to notify you that it was successfully done.

Now time to transfer airtime on MTN. Using SMS code, it looks this way, Transfer (space) MTN number (space) Amount (space) PIN. For example, a subscriber that wants to transfer N200 to the phone number 08039923444 with the 3232 PIN will text, Transfer 08039923444 200 3232 to 777. A notification will appear within seconds prompting the subscriber to confirm the transfer, send YES to 777 to confirm the transfer.

Using USSD to transfer airtime on MTN looks like this, *600*recipient’s number*amount*PIN#. For example, *600*08039923444*200*2332#. You get an SMS confirming the transfer as soon as it is completed.


Glo ME2U is the airtime transfer service of Globacom that its network subscribers can use to share airtime with each other.

Glo logo
Glo logo

Just like MTN, it requires activation before use. To activate, you will send an SMS code to a specific number and set up a new password by executing a USSD command. The default Glo ME2U password is 00000. To activate, SMS the word Act to 131. You will be notified that the service will be activated within one day. When that is done you will receive an alert notifying you, after which you can then set up your new password.

To change the default password, perform the USSD command, *132*00000*new password*new password# Send/OK. To change your password to 33333 for example, text *132*00000*33333*33333# and press Send or OK button. You will be subsequently informed that your password change was successful.

To transfer airtime on Glo after successful activation, use the USSD command *131*Glo number*airtime amount*password# Send/OK. You can text the recipient phone number without adding the initial zero. for example, 8057088910 instead of 08057088910. To transfer N200 airtime on Glo, press *131*8057088910*200*33333# Send or OK.


Airtel ME2U is the service that enables an Airtel subscriber to transfer airtime to another Airtel subscriber.

Airtel logo
Airtel logo

Airtel default PIN is 1234. To change your Airtel ME2U default PIN, you have to send an SMS command to 432. It goes like this: PIN (space) default password (space) new password to 432. For example, PIN 1234 8888 and send to 432. After sending the message, you are likely to receive a notification that reads “your new password is 8888”.

Now that you have activated Airtel ME2U, you can transfer airtime to another Airtel number by texting, 2u (space) Airtel number (space) amount (space) PIN to 432. For instance, if you want to transfer N100 worth of airtime to 08023456799. Text, 2u 08023456799 100 8888 to 432. You as well as the beneficiary will be alerted of the transfer when it is successful. You may be charged N10 for each transaction.


Etisalat Easy Airtime Transfer enables Etisalat subscribers to transfer airtime from the credit on their prepaid account to another Etisalat prepaid account.

Activation involves performing a USSD command. Etisalat default password is 0000, to change yours, you have to dial *247*0000*new password# Send/OK. Assuming you want to change your password to 2020, press *247*0000*2020# Send/OK.Etisalat Nigeria logo

To transfer airtime on Etisalat, use the USSD command, *223*password*amount*phone number#. To transfer N300 to this number 08093665544 for example, press *223*2020*300*08093665544# Send or OK. For the airtime transfer to be successful, you must have at least N10 balance on your Etisalat line after subtracting the amount you are transferring.

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