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Uber introduces UberVIP for top riders in Lagos

Uber introduces UberVIP for top riders in Lagos

In order to reward its top riders in Lagos, taxi service app, Uber has announced the launch of UberVIP, a monthly rewards programme for their top riders in Lagos city.

According to the company, as a VIP rider, riders will be paired with top driver-partners, top quality cars and get priority access to exclusive offers and discounts.

‘’Whether you Uber to the airport, to work, for a night out or to run errands, we want to reward you for it. VIP riders will have a high star rating, completed a certain number of trips on the Uber platform, you will be notified once you do and will enjoy all the exclusive perks we have to offer,’’ Uber announced in a blog post.

‘To qualify as an UberVIP, riders will do the following: Take 10 rides in Lagos from the first of the month, receive access to an exclusive VIP option in their Uber app, and enjoy the elevated service, exclusive giveaways.

Riders are to continue riding at least 10 times per month to keep their VIP status and VIP will automatically be added to their account at the end of every month which they will be notified of.

Uber says VIP has no additional cost and rates are the same as uberX. However the company as well said that there are less VIP vehicles on the road, so wait times may be a bit longer.


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