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Where is the fuel for Business Intelligence in 2018?

Where is the fuel for Business Intelligence in 2018?
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Microsoft Dynamics AX contains a set of comprehensive business reporting functions that prepare company-specific data in real-time. Not just the current results but the emerging trends and developments are also made available through the tool for you to facilitate your business’ decision making and planning.

The optimal use of data is the key factor in ensuring any business’ success today, and business intelligence relies on data, too. With a large amount of data comes the need for its management, analysis, and organization. Making the data accessible at a great speed is also one the key aspects of Business Intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics AX brings life to Business analytics and intelligence like never before.

Dynamics AX embeds Power BI as the native Business Intelligence tool. Sharing the Power BI engine eliminates the performance issues that spring out of the scenarios where real-time data is to be received with queries. Organizations no longer need to rely on last month’s or older data for driving their strategies and for planning their course for the future.

With Power BI in Dynamics AX, near real-time analytics are now possible. Earlier, Dynamics AX was a separate tool, and Power BI was a different analytics-specific platform. With the combination of the two applications, immense potential can be realized by companies this year.

Where is the fuel for AI/BI in 2018?

For an excellent success in Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence in 2018, companies are striving hard to innovate and excel at the two greatest technologies of today to secure their market share and retain it.

Decisions are what drive any organization. One wrong decision or one miscalculated move can ruin the success for any organization. In this day and age where data is ruling companies and compelling them to take steps to derive information from it, data handling and analytics challenges are many, and the benefits offered when these challenges are strategically met are also immense.

Machine Learning is driving Business Intelligence in a way that requires the data to be dug out and studies for patterns and trends so that the right decisions can be taken at the right time- not sooner, not later.

Natural language processing, part and parcel of machine learning is also begin used by companies to interact with their systems and to facilitate an interaction that yields insights. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows companies to implement strong and valuable Business Intelligence applications that can get some real work done and put some real effective strategies on the table.

BI in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX enables its users to provide Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) functionality through the use of cubes. These cubes are built on the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services platform and enable the users of the system to analyze and study huge amounts of data to identify the trends that may not be visible when viewing the data on traditional reporting systems.

The primary reporting platform for Microsoft Dynamics AX is the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). The default reports that Microsoft Dynamics AX provides can be run on the Reporting Services platform.

With all these systems and platforms in place, implementing Business Intelligence solutions and leveraging Business Intelligence services in Microsoft dynamics AX services becomes smooth and only the most skilled and proficient companies know the value that lies inside data.

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