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With ‘digital key’, Samsung smartphone controls your Mercedez

With ‘digital key’, Samsung smartphone controls your Mercedez

Samsung and Mercedes-Benz have introduced a new digital car key solution that transforms Galaxy smartphones into smart keys for controlling automobiles.

The digital car key solution which was unveiled in partnership with German Automobile Company is another example of Samsung’s growing connected-car ecosystem, and represents another step toward the future of the smartphone, the tech company says.

Display of Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Display of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

With the digital car key users of any Near-Field Communication (NFC) enabled Galaxy Smartphones can  lock, unlock, and start their cars after setting up the compatibility process via an app provided by the automobile company.

According to Samsung the digital car key solution is convenient, easy to use, and reliable and also, highly secure with a tamper proof eSE (embedded Secure Element) technology that allow users to access their cars even when their Smartphone is off.

Samsung also unveiled Gear S3, the latest addition to its Smartwatch portfolio which integrates the BMW’s personal mobility companion

The BMW connected app, which alerts users when it’s time to leave for their next trip, check their fuel level, unlock their BMW car and more, all directly from the Gear S3 watch face.

BMW cars, now directly integrate users with users’ home while they are driving, giving them alerts right to their dashboard, Samsung says.


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