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Workpay sites West African hub in Nigeria

Workpay sites West African hub in Nigeria

Workpay, an HR and payroll company, says it is setting up its West African office in Nigeria to enable organisations across the world to hire African talents.

The Nairobi-based company which says it provides over 400 businesses with tools for managing their HR, payroll, compliance, and benefits, announced that its Nigerian unit will act as the company’s hub for the West Africa region.

“Nigeria is a key market for us, not only in West Africa but throughout Africa. SMEs in this region face similar challenges as their counterparts in East Africa and indeed across emerging markets. We plan to use Nigeria as our gateway to West Africa including Francophone Africa”, Paul Kimani, CEO/Co-founder of Workpaay says in a statement. 

Workpay says its local unit also opens up the market reach to companies around the world looking to hire in Africa legally without the need to set up a local entity. “These companies don’t have to worry about labour and compliance laws across various countries, Workpay takes care of that”, Kimani says.

Workpay says it has added new product lines “that are in line with the new normal which is remote work” that enables companies that are using its platform to hire, run local payrolls, file taxes, manage compliance and pay salaries in over 15 currencies across Africa.

“Workpay expanded in Nigeria in the most organic way since it was already serving Lagos-based FinTechs such as Flutterwave and Paystack with their Kenyan operations. Workpay also built its remote team payroll product to address the needs of clients like Yoco that are scaling fast in multiple countries. We are thrilled about Workpay’s new market and product launch and look forward to the next growth milestones” Mikael Hajjar, an early investor from P1 Ventures says.

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