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Wragby wants Nigeria to embrace cloud technology

Wragby wants Nigeria to embrace cloud technology

Oluyomi Alarape, Executive Director of Strategy and Architecture at Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies says it is time to unlock cloud technology opportunities in Nigeria.

Alarape, a former Business Group Director (Cloud & Enterprise) at Microsoft Nigeria, who became the new Executive Director of the Nigerian tech company believes that Nigeria has not tapped cloud technology potentials because of “low awareness and sensitisation.”

According to the Wragby Executive Director, “we have not even started scratching the surface because when you look at what cloud entails, it is really massive.”

For Alarape, “part of what has to happen would be starting from awareness. We need to bring that sensitisation to across all strata and I know a number of OEMs are doing that. Wragby is also part of what would be a standard practice here ensuring that we educate the technology community, we educate the government, we educate the local organisations, sensitise everyone to understand what it is all about.”

Tappago, developed by an indigenous company
Tappago, developed by an indigenous company

Alarape, who brings to the company over 20 years of IT experience in services, sales, business development, marketing and operations believes that skepticism among Nigerians over security of cloud pose challenges to adoption leaving the local economy “missing out on tapping the numerous benefits cloud has in stock.”

He says that “cloud has matured to a point that cloud providers ensure that they meet all certifications, even much more and provide a more secure platform for businesses to focus on their own core business areas.”

Aside drawing awareness for cloud technology to get Nigerians leverage cloud, Alarape also says that Wragby Technologies will be exploring research areas to further bring the context closer home.

“We need to do is also to look into research areas to further bring it home in the context of Nigeria. So to do that there are quite a number of things the team is already working on. By the time people are able to connect and relate that this is what it means for me, the changes will roll in”, he says.

Unwrapping his plans and way forward for Wragby Solutions, Alarape is keen to contribute his quota by promoting cloud technology adoption to address Nigeria’s economic challenges.

“If you look at today, one of the key and vital component that I have seen Nigeria leverage to jumpstart ourselves from being a Third World country to First World is the part of technology and this company is strategically positioned, forward looking, ready to take risks on people, invest a lot on people, ready to innovate and spend on research,” the ex Microsoft Director says.

“When you talk about cloud, it is all about innovation. It’s about cost saving. It’s about scalability. If I want to put it in simple layman’s terms, We all know the current state of our nation and economy and this is the time for us to start doing more with less, driving efficiency.”

According to him, “these are all the songs we have in the mouth of everyone. But for Wragby, this creates huge opportunities for technology. Part of what I will be doing is leading these initiatives across different sectors, from education to agriculture, to health, public sector, manufacturing and financial services to mention a few.”

Another key area of focus for the new MD is creating powerful solutions in a box for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Commercial activities underway at Ikeja Computer Village, the nation's biggest technology market as Nigeria debates whether or not to devalue to the Naira
Commercial activities underway at Ikeja Computer Village, the nation’s biggest technology market as Nigeria debates whether or not to devalue to the Naira

“You want to take me on SMEs and challenges we have in the country in terms of unlocking the over 17 million SMEs that we claim we have, everyone will agree that SMEs form the engine to really catapult our economy.

“Creating powerful solutions in a box for SMEs is one of the things that Wragby is strategically positioned to do, looking at targeted and affordable technologies driving digital technology, the cloud power for agility at reduced cost, I cannot overemphasize it as it provides scalable platform reducing the pressure of capex and the risk of I can’t even start the business.”, he adds.

According to him the  company is also going to build cloud platforms for education as well as leveraging cloud technologies  to improve the health sector.

In his words, “starting from education we are looking at building platform on cloud and locally built-cloud. Let me let you know that the first cloud platform that we set up in Nigeria, I laid that initiative for Microsoft with MainOne and that is the first indigenous cloud platform.”

Other areas Alarape revealed Wragby would strive to unlock with the power of cloud include: business intelligence for informed business choices across board and in government, as well as communications.

“Wragby is coming with innovative ideas and solutions that across board in all these areas to really transform our economy. You can see this is just a glimpse of what it is; there are quite a lot of other things we will be doing in bringing technology to transform and make our lives better,” Alarape says.

On his part Gbenga Iluyemi, the CEO of Wragby Business Solutions says that the technology company which started operation about two years ago has the vision of making the world better through technology starting from Nigeria.

According to the CEO, the company has done very well in the last two years but they grabbed the opportunity when they learnt about the availability of Alarape whose wealth of experience in cloud technology will help the company do even better than it has done already.

Iluyemi says, “we have done very well so far but we know we have a long way to go and when we learnt that Mr. Alarape was available. When he left Microsoft Nigeria, you know when you have a good football team, you will want somebody that can make you better and that is exactly what we have done.

“We have gone after him and we explained our vision, showed him our mission statement and we showed him the roadmap, where have we been in the last two and half years and he bought into it and today we are unveiling him, because next year we want to be better and we believe having him is going to add that extra into whatever we do.”


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