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CEO: Nigerians can earn ₦250,000 monthly with Tappago taxi apps

CEO: Nigerians can earn ₦250,000 monthly with Tappago taxi apps

Dipo Dunsin, CEO of Tappago Technologies Ltd, has told Technology Times that the Tappago taxi apps just launched by the Nigerian technology company can earn users over ₦250,000 monthly.

Dunsin, who announced the launch of two apps, the Tappago Driver and the Tappago Client, told Technology Times in an exclusive interview that new mobile apps function differently. One is the drivers’ app is for users seeking for driving jobs while the other is the clients app, for those seeking for taxi drivers.

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Dipo Dunsin, Chief Executive Officer of Tappago Technologies Ltd

“By coming up to our platform, you can earn a decent amount of money. If you work full time, you can earn over ₦250,000 monthly, which should sustain your stay in Lagos. Also, you can come on to the platform and work at your own time,” Dunsin says.

“We would give you a car which would be financed by a financing house, which you would be paying back multiple installments, and the car would be yours at the end of your completion of payment. While you are paying for the car, you might be saving some other money to buy another car so you can be earning more money by employing other drivers as well,” he says.

According to the CEO of the startup, with the Tappago Client, “a user can order for taxi and a driver will come to his doorstep with just a click. The app is available on both Android application and Apple application. If you are a client, you download a Tappago Client app into you phone, register your name and your e-mail address, and begin to navigate through the app. You don’t need to add any payment to access the app.”

He says the two apps are available on two platforms, which are the Google Play and the IOS version, which can be downloaded free from the App Store.

Speaking on how the Tappago driver app works for drivers, Dipo says that “as a driver, if you download the app, you will not be able to access it, because you will have to come down to our office to verify you. We would need to do a background check on you in order for you to be an approved Tappago Taxi driver.”

According to him, “we have people we work with. We have partners that do the background check. You will have to go to their office, they do it, then you come back to us and we log you onto the system. Then we can approve you and you become a verified Tappago Taxi Driver.”

tappago app (3)
Tappago Driver application, opened on an Android smartphone

“The good thing about the app is, we are not charging per minute. We understand the traffic in Lagos and as a new company, we think of what is going to be our unique selling point, which is not to charge per minute. Inasmuch as there is going to be traffic congestion, it doesn’t make sense for someone to sit in the traffic and be incurring more expenses in addition to the basic price that has been set,” Dunsin says.

According to him, “we are going to be creating jobs, because we are going to provide drivers, and we shall provide the drivers with our cars. The employment rate in Nigeria is really bad and we came up with this to bring jobs to the masses, as we have people who have graduated for over some time now without jobs.”

On the issue of the security of the apps, Dipo said: “Security and data protection is one of the core foundations of this development. The app development was done in a much secured environment before releasing it to the public. We put security as one of our top priority. This is an app that was developed in the United Kingdom and we are in compliance with data protection of people coming unto the app.

“We want people to be secured; we understand how vulnerable people might be when it comes to providing their vital information or data to third party organisations. This app has been secured that no one can access it without the pre-knowledge of the founder, which is me. I created the app. I understand the terminologies behind it. I cannot give out such information without the consent of the app users. As such, people’s details are well secured,” the CEO of the taxi service technology company says.

tappago app (7)
Tappago Client application, opened on an Android smartphone

Speaking on the payment system, he say that there are two modes of payment when subscribing for a taxi.

“You can either pay by cash, or you can pay by your register card. When you download and signup, it’s going to ask you to put your bank card details. You can add it, or you can skip it. It’s left for you to decide if you want the money to be taken out after you complete your drive. You can also pay by cash by paying the driver at the end of your completed journey. So it’s left for users to decide how they want to pay” according to Dunsin.

“We have implemented a payment gateway where you can have an organization with 5000 staff, and each staff registers on the app and all the 5000 staff can pay with just one payment card. They do not have to input card for all the different member of staff. And when we find people that do not understand the card payment process, they can pay by cash,” he adds.

Dunsin, who is a graduate of Chemical Engineering, says that Africans are doing very great in terms of app development and that there are a lot of cutting edge apps that Nigerians can develop which can compete with the best in the global technology ecosystem.

“I’m happy about everything going on in Nigeria right now, I’m happy about the development and improvement and how people are introducing technology into their lives. But there are lots of applications we can develop, we can develop a lot of cutting-edge apps. There are a lot of things that can be done with a little amount of money. It is quite impressive to see how things are done here with technology”, the Tappago CEO says.

But he is quick to advise those wanting to go into app development to make sure they study the demand in the society and develop what will meet the needs and demands of people, which he cites as key to successful app development.

“Before you go into developing an application, you have to make sure that whatever you want to develop, there is a demand for it. Whatever you want to develop, there is a problem you want to solve. If you are not solving a problem, that means you have not got a viable business. Most successful apps that have been developed have always been to solve problems that users are always looking for solutions to”, Dunsin says.

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