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ZTE Blade cutting-edge smartphones make market debut

ZTE Blade cutting-edge smartphones make market debut

ZTE Corporation has released two new smartphones, the ZTE BLADE A910 and ZTE BLADE V7 MAX, at a company product launch conference this week.

The company says these devices follow ZTE Mobile Devices’ product development and branding strategy to release phones under the ZTE brand.

The Chinese phone maker explains that the ZTE BLADE A910 has an all-metal frame with only 6.9 millimeters thick, and is designed with a metallic trim for a “noble look.”

The ZTE BLADE A910 comes with 5.5-inch, AMOLED HD live colour and has the fingerprint scanner feature with Quick Unlock feature that only takes 0.3 seconds to activate.


The company said with this new development, users can program up to five fingerprint application shortcuts, to quickly and conveniently open different apps.

Although ZTE did not reveal much on the ZTE BLADE V7 MAX, it explains that the smartphone has a side fingerprint recognition feature with an autofocus speed “comparable to professional cameras.”


According to ZTE, “the side fingerprint scanner is key to the phone’s innovative design: The BLADE V7 MAX’s placement of the fingerprint scanner on the side of the device frees up space on the back, leading to a compact, elegant design.”

The technology company also explains that “the ZTE BLADE V7 MAX’s users can use fingerprint commands for encryption, unlocking, photographs, answering calls, mobile payment, and many other features.”

The 3D fingerprint functionality is a shift from traditional fingerprint technology to provide a uniquely and human user-friendly experience, according to ZTE.

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